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A More Supportive, Hassle-Free Bathing Solution for Your Baby


Take the stress away and give your baby the comfortable bath it deserves.  Unlike other sink insert products on the market today, the Lounger does not retain water and becomes soaking wet and heavy to handle after use.  The lounger is made of waterproof material that allows the water to flow through and acts like a cushion that conforms to the baby's body. It will fit in any sink type - square, round, kitchen or bathroom sink; RV, camper, home or hotel, you can take the Lounger with you wherever you go! 

  • No Screaming Uncomfortable Baby

  • Fully Supported Head & Neck

  • Simple - No Accessories Needed

  • Waterproof - No Soaking Wet Mess

  • Dries Faster Than Leading Brands

  • Stores Easily With Hanging Loop

  • Universal Fit for Any Sink Type

  • Cozy Plush Material 

Karissa Ries 1.jpg


We could not be more pleased with this product over all. We highly recommend this sink insert if you are looking for something to make your bath time more comfortable and soothing. This product has changed bath time in our home! Our daughter used to hate her baths and now LOVES sitting on the Lavelu. It dries very quickly (within a few hours) which is great when you have an unplanned mess that needs a extra bath! We are very pleased with the quality and construction of this product. We use it daily, sometimes multiple times a day, and it still looks as great as the day we bought it. Highly recommend it! We've already gifted it to friends for baby shower and they love it just as much. 

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Love love love!!! I gave this to one of my closest friends as a baby shower gift. I thought it looked perfect for a secure and comfy way to give her new baby a bath. She had her baby boy and called me over to see this clever bath solution in action. I have tried so many other baby baths (so has she) with zero success. Well hello new perfect baby bath solution!!! This thing is amazing. Fits in pretty much any sink and snuggles the sweet little bundle perfectly. This is my new GO TO baby shower gift!!! Highly highly recommend!!! FINALLY, a baby bath that makes sense!!!



For our first baby we used the Puj baby bath and while it folds up small, the benefits ended there for us. She would scream the entire bath!
We just had our second baby and were gifted the Lavelu and THANK GOD WE WERE! I now love giving baby baths! She is content and happy and warm during bathtime, and I never need to adjust her because she doesn’t slip down at all. So supportive and perfect 👌🏻I will definitely be gifting and recommending this to my mom friends!

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