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BUMblebee Glowing Sensory Distraction Toy

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3 Ways to Play: 


DIAPER CHANGING BUDDY: Baby holds the bee, while you change the poo and pee!  Keep baby happy and entertained while you take care of the mess. The bee’s glowing body and large wings are the perfect size for tiny hands. Its high contrast color makes the bee easy to see and focus on during changing time.  SING-A-LONG - Bond with your baby and learn a new song as you get cleaned up! 


GLOWING BATH TOY: Bath time fun for all ages. Bring the bee to the tub and scrub a dub dub! When you’re done, it’s back to fun all fresh and clean.


COMFORTING NIGHTLIGHT: With the click of a small button located underneath the bee, a soft yellow glow will light your room.  Fall fast asleep and the bee will turn off after three minutes to conserve energy. 

PERFECT GIFT IDEA: BPA Free multi-use bath toy and changing table toy is essential for your baby or toddler. Perfect gift for baby showers, birthdays, holidays & more!

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