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  • Emily Crawford

BUMblebee Helps Parents Keep Their Sanity

Wouldn't it be great if every time you changed a diaper your baby held still and didn't try to play with the dirty diaper, or flip over off the changing table?  I get it. Living with a baby or toddler is messy. From spit up and drool, to poop and pee, nothing can prepare you for the amount of bodily fluids that will spew from your child. And when they are fussy, screaming or being a little feisty, it doesn't make your job any easier. 

Parenting is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but also one of the most rewarding. I’ve found that I need to laugh as much as I physically can because of how hard this job of “mom” is. Think about it: you’re working 24 hours a day, seven days a week with no pay and zero overtime. If this were a “real job” it certainly wouldn’t be legal! But alas there is no relief for us parents. If you have kids and you’re reading this, congratulations! You’re a warrior and you’ve probably learned to operate on a surprisingly low amount of sleeping hours. I can relate and so can millions of parents around the world.

A Dog Inspired Miracle!

A few months ago, as I was changing a pretty nasty diaper in the middle of the night.  My daughter was flopping like a fish on the changing table, putting her hands down in the mess and wouldn't hold still.  It was 2 a.m.  She hadn't slept the night before because she was teething and I was exhausted.  I handed her my phone in an effort to get her to be still.  That didn't work, she managed to get poop on my phone.  At this point, I'd lost my mind and resorted to comfort by humor, and just started monologuing in my best neurotic Parker Posey character voice, "She's not listening, get the busy bee. Where's the busy bee, Where is the busy bee?!" If you've seen the movie Best in Show, a classic "mockumentary" made by Christopher Guest (creator of Spinal Tap and Waiting For Guffman), you'll know exactly what I'm referring to.  If not, here's a clip.  This scene defines the absolute breaking point every parent goes through when they are just trying to make their baby happy. It was at this moment I realized I needed to create my own busy bee type product.  Thus, the BUMblebee was born.

BUMblebees Are Superheroes

Parker Posey needs that busy bee toy for Beatrice (her dog) because it’s the only thing that will soothe her. I’ve heard people equate babies with puppies, which isn’t too far off in some ways. They are both adorable small beings who need a lot of attention but can be overwhelming at times to manage. I was thinking about the times my toddler is inconsolable. What do I need in that moment that will calm her down? I started brainstorming and I came up with the idea for a bumblebee that is both soothing and entertaining for babies and small children. Knowing how well my daughter responds to music, I also wanted something that had a musical element.

I drove to Michael's Craft store, picked up some modeling clay and began to create a prototype of what I call, the BUMblebee. After working with manufacturers, for months, the finished product is finally ready to save the day!  The bee features high contrast colors, making it easy for little eyes to see.  It also sports two large wings and two antennae perfect for tiny hands to grasp.  Best of all, it's waterproof and glows in the dark!  Use it at the changing table or in the bath. The calming glow provides a warm light for those pesky middle of the night diaper changes; without disturbing the baby with a bright light. 

The BUMblebee comes with it's own song (see video below) to play on your phone, or learn with your child. It's an additional distraction tool for squirmy babies or hard-headed moments when you really need to grab their attention. The song is short, fun and can be sung while holding the bee. 

If you are losing your mind, we can help you regain your sanity. Stop spending time wrestling your child like an alligator, and turn changing time or bath time into something fun and quick. So when you're done, it's back to fun, all fresh and clean. Get your own BUMblebee today!  

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