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Online Product Sales


Dream Makers 

Grow your business, build a brand and start selling online today. 

Have a creative idea for a business or redesigning a physical space but don't know where to start? We can help make your dream a reality.

From idea and concepting, to manufacturing and fulfillment, product development is our passion. 

We Create For Good. 

As an experienced creative concept and product development company, OA Creative has managed all phases of both the creative and technical elements of product development; including data analysis for potential viability in the marketplace, brand creation and execution, print, packaging and website development, customer segmentation and profiling, as well as material and manufacture sourcing, product distribution, logistics and

e-commerce sales through Shopify and Amazon Seller Central.

Every product created is the birth of something good. Whether it's a widget that helps you get through the day or a device that changes the world, our goal is to invent and bring to market products that make you say "Ooh! that's awesome," or "Aah! Why didn't I think of that!"  

(A nod to our original company name Ooh! Aah! Creative, LLC. )


Emily Crawford

Founder // CEO


As a busy mother of three, our founder Emily Crawford, creates products that help parents keep their sanity! 

Lavelu Lounger

Now Available on Amazon

Baby sink bath redefined!  The only fully supportive sink bath insert on the market.




Now Available on Amazon

Glowing fun for baby in the bath or as a distraction tool during diaper changing time.